november 5, 2012

Als woorden toch eens zeiden wat ze bedoelden.,

I’m not a fruit

september 25, 2012


© Bobbie Dest

About you

augustus 24, 2012

make me
go on
hold on
keep me standing
and strong

you and me
about us

how we,
could be
would be
and if we should be

© Bobbie Dest

A really nice place

augustus 24, 2012

doesn’t it make you
wanna fly
wanna float
by boat
or just
on a piece of wood

to a really nice place
not to hot
a little breez
sitting on a soft spot
somewhere under the trees

maybe I’m
gonna walk
gonna run
just for fun
or take
the airplain or train

to a really nice place
not to cold
no, actually forget the weather
if you will be there to hold…
the rest doesn’t really matter

© Bobbie Dest


juni 20, 2012

Beautiful – Bobbie D

but now she knows

how wonderful life can be
 © Bobbie Dest

From me to him

juni 20, 2012

One lost love

I  miss it

Hope you’r doin well.

Sometimes it feels like
you never happend to me,

like it was all just a good dream.
I like remembering it like that.

I want to thank you.
For the memories you gave me.
The things you taught me.
How you helped me,
making myself stronger
and not getting into the same circle any longer.
For the smart desicion you’ve made.

I loved you, I hated you, looked up and down on you.
You inspired me and made me see life can be as beautiful as i want it to be,
and that also counts for me!

© Bobbie Dest

Dag uit

november 5, 2011

met haar
laatste stralen
zakt zij,
naar waar
wij haar
niet meer
kunnen aanschouwen
slechts een
witte gloed
ons begeleid
door de

© Bobbie Dest

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